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The Buccaneer Skillet | Finally solves all cast iron issues

The Buccaneer Skillet: Finally solves all cast iron issues

Forget hand burning or heavy lifting. With their crowd, they’ve designed an everyday pan that lasts a lifetime.

What if you could prepare with rock-solid cast iron without heavy lifting or burning your hands, on any kind of heat source? The Buccaneer is a precisely designed, light-weight cast-iron skillet for everyday use. Geared up with revamped honeycomb pattern for the ideal non-stick food preparation experience, and a handle that stays cool whatever your heat source is. All for a fair price.

The Buccaneer Skillet: Finally solves all cast iron issues

Just as solid as standard cast iron, but 50% lighter thanks to the pressed casting innovative strategy. The Buccaneer is produced via pressed casting, allowing even more pressure compared to standard sand casting.

This provides a thinner wall and also 50% less weight than a conventional cast iron frying pan without compromising on performance.

The handle of the Buccaneer was originally developed for the Blackbeard frying pan, among their previous projects. Now they’ve made it perfect with their crowd, but it will still match your collection. It’s completely made of cast stainless steel, riveted and optimized for the very best hold. Thanks to the well-thought-out thin attachment to the frying pan, burned hands or tinkering with pot holders is in the past!

Because the Buccaneer is made from cast iron, it can be used on all heat sources including gas, induction, ceramic, and electric surface. It can also be placed in the stove or on the BBQ.

The Buccaneer Skillet: Finally solves all cast iron issues

The honeycomb pattern ensures better compound distribution, which enlarges the cooking area, even with a little amount of grease. This creates the perfect non-stick cooking experience, as well as their well-known Crowd Cookware stamp.

Due to its weight, the pan is simple to hold and also perfect for everyday usage. Whether you’re a meat enthusiast, a fulltime vegetarian or just appreciating all food, you can prepare the most delicious meals in your Buccaneer. Bonus offer? Super easy to clean and washable in the dishwasher.

In just over 2 years, Crowd Cookware progressed into a global community of kitchen fanatics developing their own chef-grade kitchenware for a fair cost.

Thanks to regular feedback, they created brand-new items together, such as the Blackbeard frying pan collection, the Wigbold knife collection, and now the Buccaneer.

Creating cookware with their fans is all about translating responses into new items or real adjustments to the final designs. They believe this is the only means to create great cookware with each other.

The Buccaneer Skillet: Finally solves all cast iron issues

You may keep in mind the blades in their blade collection: they are named after their backers. This time around they asked their fans to come up with a name for their new cast iron frying pan. Their backer Sean from the UK thought of the magnificent concept to call the pan the Buccaneer. And they love it!

Not just Kai, Stuart, Will, Fillipo, Rob, Jérôme, Skie, Anita as well as Norbert offered beneficial feedback, likewise thousands of backers like you helped them make the Buccaneer. They are sending out a big thanks to everyone who contributed!

Since they created their chef-grade cookware at the demand of the crowd, establish their products together and start with a base of countless backers, they can put superior factories to work on their own terms. So just by working together with you people, they’re able to supply chef-grade cookware for a fair price!

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