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The Most Compact Powerful and Simple-to-Use Laser Engraver

HyperLaser redefines the laser engraving with powerful features and user-friendly operation. It makes laser creation easy, safe, and fun.

Until now, laser engraver/cutters have been cost prohibitive and difficult to use. Their large size and slow speed made them impractical for many applications and they lacked the ability to do the precision work necessary for curved surfaces and spheres.

HyperLaser, solves all of these problems. With up to 5,000mW power and 6,000mm/min speed, you can make magic happen on virtually any material, even cylinders and round objects at any angle. Sketch an idea or upload an image on your smartphone and send it to HyperLaser. It’s just that easy! Your creation will come to life anytime and anywhere.

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Getting started is easy. Unleash your creativity by designing your own patterns or uploading any image to the engraver via app.

From metal to paperboard, leather to food, on flat surfaces or spheres, there is nothing that can limit your creativity. If you can dream it, you can make it with HyperLaser!

  •  5,000 mW Engraver Carves On Any Surface 

Unique 20K fast-speed laser galvanometer based scanner and up to 5,000 mW laser power enables you to engrave on any surface with a perfect resolution of 4K/813DPI. Reproduce any image on any materials including metal, stone, wood, leather, plastic, food, paperboard and felt, even on cylindrical and spherical surfaces with a maximum engraving thickness of 6mm. 

  • Handheld Size

HyperLaser is a lightweight and portable laser cutter. Just put into your pocket or backpack and go anywhere. It’s a desktop ready gadget whether you are at school, the office or at home, you are always ready to make magical things!

  • Engraving on Cylinders & Balls

Don’t let curvy objects limit your creativity. With a fourth axis engraver, HyperLaser will perfectly unfold your imagination onto cylinders and even spheres! 

  •  Create Your Sketches via Smartphone

 Upload any pictures to the HyperLaser App or just simply take a photo with the app, and HyperLaser will start engraving.

There are two modes for engraving. Auto mode: users need to select the engraving material via the app. Then the app will automatically adjust the power & speed as necessary. Manual mode: users are able to adjust the power & speed to create art with differentiated engravings.

The app features many useful parameter settings. The image can be adjusted and filters can be added, for instance, a photo can be inverted and engraved to make a stamp.

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