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The World’s #1 Smart Jump Starter

An essential winter purchase, helping you and your family to start dead batteries.

Based on our research, many people experience problems starting their car throughout the year. If you are based in the United States, AAA roadside assistance will cost you $199+ per year, and they usually take 2-3 hours to solve your problem. Traditional jump starters need to be charged for an hour before it is able to jump start your car, delaying your plans for the rest of the day. The batteries in a traditional jump starter rely on chemical reactions to work, and the freezing temperatures in the winter can slow or even stop those chemical reactions, making it harder to start your car. On top of that, small sparks from poor quality jumper cables and batteries can lead to a fire or even an explosion.

Car accessories are not meant for everyone. It can get very complicated and even dangerous when it comes to dealing with dead batteries.

HULKMAN products are designed for every car owner to use easily and safely. The Alpha series is the most advanced product series in the market, boasting intelligent matching technology to make the product ready to automatically jump-start and a digital screen that is easy to use and understand. In just three quick steps, you can jump-start your car and hit the road.

Here are some examples of the vehicles:

  •  10.0L  (Ford Dump Truck)
  •  8.5L    (Ford F-Series, medium duty truck)
  •  6.2L    (Chevrolet Corvette / Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat)
  •  5.0L    (Ford Mustang GT / Bullitt
  •  3.5L    (Ford-150 / Honda Accord V6)
  •  2.5L    (Toyota Camry / Mazda CX-9)

Most people don’t know how to pick a jump starter suitable for their own car. With Alpha 100 jump starter, you can start all 12v engine vehicles; and this product is very portable.

3.3-inch ultra-large screen, Easy of use

Having trouble understanding when it is safe to jump start your engine? HULKMAN has got your back. With the 3.3-inch ultra-large screen, you are able to see the indicators clearly on the screen, such as the power display, operation warnings, and user tips.


Safety always comes first at HULKMAN


HULKMAN products feature multiple advanced safety technologies including reverse-charge protection, reverse-polarity protection, over-current protection, overload protection, over-voltage protection, overcharge protection, short-circuit protection, high-temperature protection, and low-temperature protection  – ensuring it’s safe for anyone to use.

Poor quality jumper cables and batteries can lead to a fire or even an explosion. HULKMAN offers100% hyper-safeno spark protection that can protect you and your car’s well-being. The clamp has also been specially designed with greater rubber coverage to prevent you from being scalded by hot clamps.

Works under extreme conditions like no other

* Powered by HULKMAN lab. HULKMAN  product stayed in the factory’s -40℉/40℃ refrigerator for 5 hours; the product works perfectly after the test.

Cold temperatures slow down the chemical reactions required inside a battery to produce enough current to power a jump starter. Once that happens, it is difficult to start a car engine. HULKMAN has had a series of breakthroughs in the development of preheating technology so that even under extreme cold weather conditions of -40° F/ 40° C, the Alpha series can start your car within one second. Furthermore, our product is designed with an IP65 rating, which means it is water-resistant, dust-tight, and has fall protection.

Compact, yet powerful


With 32,000 mAh ultra-large battery capacity and 4000A peak current, the Alpha 100 can cover the jump starter needs of all 12V vehicles and works with vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, watercraft, ATVs, UTVs, SUVs, lawnmowers, yachts, boat, pickup, and snowmobiles. Alpha 100 is a powerful monster in the jump starter market. Thanks to the efficient chip solution, the Alpha 100 boasts a long standby time that holds its charge for up to 24 months while not in use.

Disaster always seems to strike at the worst possible time. You are on the way to pick up your date and your car is dead. What’s worse is that your jump starter is dead too.  Don’t worry, HULKMAN has integrated 65W speed charging technology. So, even if there is no battery life, our jump starters can be quickly charged to jump start your car in just 5 minutes. That is 3.7X faster than other regular jump starters in the market. #CarEmergencyLifeSaver

Go beyond jump starter

Youtuber: @Grind Hard Plumbing Co | BMW 3 Series, Straight Six 3 Liter Gas

INCLUDES:1.SC 65W Wall Charger  |  2.Type-C USB Cable (Out)  |  3.HULKMAN Alpha 100  |  4.DC 12V Cigarette lighter socket adapter  |   5.12V Ergonomic Needle-Nose Battery Clamps  |  6.User Manual & Warranty Card  |  7. Brand sticker  |  8. 2-Years Warranty

Here is what some of our HULKMAN tribe members had to say: 

Since our pre-launch, we have gotten an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from our HULKMAN Tribe Facebook group. We have received thousands of comments and touching stories about why a jump starter is important for this winter and where they would use their HULKMAN.

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