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TREATOI | Automatic Treat Ball Dispenser For Your Pet

TREATOI : Automatic Treat Ball Dispenser For Your Pet

A feature-packed interactive pet care system that keeps your pets occupied and happy with rewards while you are away!

TREATOI : Automatic Treat Ball Dispenser For Your Pet
TREATOI : Automatic Treat Ball Dispenser For Your Pet

 Before going out, make sure you leave TREATOI for your pet to:

  •  Exercise & Play – Let your pet keep moving by playing with our treat balls!  
  •  Eat & Rewards – Let them enjoy well-deserved treats while you’re out!  

We all feel guilty when we spend all day at work knowing our pets are alone and bored at home with nothing fun to do until we come back. TREATOI has proven to be the perfect solution: a feature-packed interactive pet care system that keeps your pets entertained with rewards while you are away!

We know that “being alone can be fun” sounds strange. But this makes sense with TREATOI. TREATOI is the ultimate companion for your pets while you’re away. 

TREATOI keeps your dog or cat busy, entertained, stimulated even when you’re away for hours! While TREATOI provides moments of play and brain stimulation, it also naturally feeds your pets by providing them with food and treats throughout the day.

TREATOI : Automatic Treat Ball Dispenser For Your Pet

TREATOI is designed to stimulate and entertain your pets, keeping their brains active and focused while preventing boredom.

A treat dispenser is nice, but dispensing the treats inside a ball is so much better. Why? Because TREATOI is an exciting way to distribute treats that will encourage your pets to play and stay active while you’re at work. 

This means that TREATOI generates both cognitive and physical exercise opportunities for your pets when they need them the most.

This might surprise you, but while humans only have 5 million sensors in their noses (also known as olfactory receptors), dogs have 220 million sensors, and cats have 200 million sensors.  As a result, research tells us that sense of smell is how dogs interpret the world, in the same way that humans use their vision. That’s why sniffing keeps them busy and prevents them from being bored.

TREATOI helps to activate their brain functions by allowing them to smell treats in the treat ball—a stimulus that naturally addresses their instinctive needs while also relieving stress, preventing dementia, and reducing the effects of separation anxiety.

TREATOI : Automatic Treat Ball Dispenser For Your Pet

TREATOI offers you another possibility for keeping your pet busy without using too many treats. The treat balls are not just for treats — they can also be used for any of the four play accessories (rag, rope, mini bell, LED ball).

These play accessories are designed to stimulate and satisfy the pet’s five senses – sight, taste, touch, smell, and hearing.

Both the transparent and mint balls can be deconstructed while the blue ball is one cohesive unit.

Keeping your pet active and stimulated is only helpful if it can be done throughout the day. That’s why TREATOI is designed to be an interactive pet toy that can be customized to automatically dispense treat balls in intervals of 1-4 hours.

TREATOI is not invasive. Even if you have a shy or anxious cat or dog, TREATOI will never intimidate your furry friend. Instead, we’ve designed it to intrigue your pet, stimulating their natural curiosity. Once your pet gets the hang of it, it’ll provide hours of fun!

TREATOI : Automatic Treat Ball Dispenser For Your Pet

TREATOI is designed to be quick and easy with only two simple steps. Fill each ball with your furry friend’s favorite treats and play accessories (rag, rope, mini bell, LED ball). Place the balls into the dispenser and set the timer. TREATOI will dispense a treat ball at your set intervals for your pets to play with.

TREATOI has been created to be strong and durable— using a rigid material, polycarbonate for the structure, these balls are ready to roll and endure!

They also use a natural rubber material for the rubber interactive balls that is neither harmful to the environment nor the pet. This material is slip-proof and chewable which prevents pets from swallowing the balls. It’s also not harmful to the environment and our pets. Their treat balls have holes on the top and the bottom to prevent choking hazards for larger pets.

Cleaning is simple. Treat balls can be washed in warm water, and the dispenser can be wiped down with wet wipes.

COVID-19 has altered our daily lives and routines. Walking your dog outside is suddenly not as accessible as it once was. 

So, whether you’re working from home and need a way to keep your pet entertained during the workday or simply trying to keep your dog active during the pandemic, TREATOI has you and your pet covered!

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