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Truly 5G mobile controller for cloud-gaming!

Truly 5G mobile controller for cloud-gaming

Portable console grade gamepad for mobile, PC, and TV

SHAKS S5i is an extremely low-latency smartphone gamepad powered by Qualcomm, optimized for 5G streaming game services (Stadia, XCloud, GeForce Now) and native games on Android, Windows, iOS, Mac OS. It is compact in size, providing the best console grade experience even with L3/R3 joysticks, 8 directional D-pad, and 256 steps of an analog trigger. Once fully charged, it lasts up to 8 hours so you can carry it around and enjoy games anywhere. 

Truly 5G mobile controller for cloud-gaming!
  • SHAKS S5i is the world’s smallest and lightweight gamepad for smartphones – only 33 mm thick, 134 mm wide, and 93mm long. It is small in size but includes all key buttons to provide the best console gaming experience. 
  • In shooting and racing games, very tiny subtle control determines the winner. Use our circle pad and you can feel a new experience with extremely fast response, supported by Qualcomm technologies for the lowest latency. Also, our 256 steps controllable trigger gives you accelerator, brake control more precisely.   
  • The leather soft pouch protects the gamepad, so you can enjoy gaming anywhere. Gamepad has a standard USB-C port compatible with any latest smartphone charger cable. 
  • The gamepad weighs only 165g including a built-in, rechargeable battery, designed to protect your wrist in any position for gaming. With the only one-hour charge, you can play up to 8 hours continuously. 
  • Easy to place your phone! Just slide it and insert your phone into the slot. A strong mechanical spring holds your phone from both sides. No worry about its reliability! We did over 1,000 tests to insert smartphones into the gamepad.  
  • We support an extensive list of games, including the most popular ones – Fortnite, Cyerpunk 2077, FIFA mobile, Kartrider, Call of Duty, Minecraft, Asplat…. 
  • Diverse technology is included in this small, compact device by SHAKS, a true global partnership. This gamepad was designed by Paolo Villa, a design company in Milan, UI/UX researched in Barcelona, and developed by AKS in Seoul partnering with Qualcomm Technologies.  

Highly optimized for streaming gaming!

For your smooth gaming experience, SHAKS supports high speeds than 60fps, 16.6ms partnering with Qualcomm Technologies. You can experience low latency in a wireless gamepad, as if on a wired connected console.

No concerns about your smartphone falling off from the gamepad – Once mounted, smartphone weight is placed at the exact center of the gamepad so it will not fall off. A lightweight (160 g only) gamepad to protect your wrist. 

Support 165mm width – Simply slide and stretch the gamepad to insert your phone (up to 165mm length, 10mm width). Possible to all most all smartphones in the market.

Convert touch controls into gamepad keys with a free mobile app, SHAKS GameHub (Android only) – You can enjoy touch games on your full mobile screen with touch controls converted into gamepad keys (“key mapping”). SHAKS GameHub mobile app supports any touch game installed on your smartphone (Android only feature). SHAKS mapping application does not ask for phone routing or private data. Completely free without any advertisement or in-app purchases.

Truly 5G mobile controller for cloud-gaming!

What is Key Mapping?

Keymapping allows you to control touch keys on the gamepad, instead of on the phone screen for touch games like Slamduck, Genshine, Kartrider, BattleGround, Wildlift, COD, and Brolstars – all supported by SHAKS GameHub mobile app. The list does not end here! 

Truly 5G mobile controller for cloud-gaming!

Wide compatibility with multiple devices and platforms – From Android, Windows, Mac OS, and iOS (MFI). 

Simple Set-Up Process across Multiple Platforms – Use a sliding switch on the left side to select the device you wish to pair, then pair with a Bluetooth button on the front of the gamepad. If you wish to switch to another device, simply use the sliding switch again. No hassle on switching from your Android or iOS phone to a Windows PC to pair your gamepad! 

Wide Compatibility with Global Cloud Streaming Services including

  • Microsoft X-cloud, Ge-force, Stadia
  • Streaming services from major network providers – Deutsch Telecom (Magenta gaming), TIM (TIMGames), KT (Gamebox)
  • Native game platform – Steam, Epic Games.

SHAKS GameHub Continues to Expand Features for Key Mapping

  • Turbo – speed up your racing game  
  • Snipper – aim, and shooting in your favorite FPS 
  • Self-key test – check each key function in each different game 
  • Virtual mouse – navigate your screen with a mouse 
  • Additional 2 keys – set your own purpose for personalized keys 
  • The list will expand with firmware upgrades of the GameHub app! 

Ergonomic design to provide optimal grip – Round design on the back made by soft rubber. This is a result of extensive UX research from Barcelona and an intricate design by Paolo Villa, a design company in Milan.

Precisely control your direction to win your games – Gamepad supported by 360 degrees analog joystick and L3/R3 keys. 

Personalize the gamepad with a replaceable D-pad – You can choose a circle or cross pad depending on the game you hope to win!    

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