Universal Lens Hood | The Only Hood for Every Camera Lens.

The ONLY lens hood that’s easy to pack, install & use. Fits 99% of lenses. Holds ANY size circular filter & actually enhances workflow.

What is The Universal Lens Hood? 

At some point in shooting, we utilize lens hoods to enhance our shot and/or protect our lenses. The Universal Lens Hood is the best way to both enhance and protect your camera lenses. Period.

It’s designed to fit 99% of camera lenses. It holds any sized circular filter and can help enhance any photo. Truly a universal, durable and multi-functional product backed by a lifetime warranty from the company that has set out to keeping your photography gear KUVRD (pronounced ‘covered’).

Now you can travel with less gear and less stress knowing you can remove any glare/reflection from any shot, enhance your photo using any sized circular filter with any sized lens and still have the added protection wanted against the elements.

Here at KUVRD (pronounced ‘covered’), our passion has been to outfit modern explorers to move forward with less.

Going on two and half years now, we’ve been doing just that by designing innovative camera accessories and successfully funding them here on Kickstarter.

The goal has always been the same; to create tools that help eliminate photographer’s anxieties and enhance their workflow. And now, more than ever before, we’re thrilled to state, “We’ve done it again”. And this time, with our most innovative product yet; The Universal Lens Hood. 

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