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UPOSTURE | A More Enduring Smart Posture Correction Reminder

UPOSTURE- A More Enduring Smart Posture Correction Reminder

A smart wearable device that automatically detects your hunching posture and gently reminds you to correct it in a timely manner.

Hunching and slumping over is usually an indication of poor posture, as well as keeping poor posture often might bring some health issues, for example, spinal column pain to a particular degree can have a negative impact on someone’s appearance and level of confidence. If inadequate posture is left as is, with time it may trigger particular breathing problems and persistent physical soreness.

Traditional posture restriction adjustment items are used to improve poses by applying exterior pressure, such as improvement tape. Nevertheless, applying external pressure on your body over an extended period of time may cause several problems. Therefore, it is commonly suggested that such items be utilized for not more than 2 hours daily.

Posture modification calls for long-lasting effort. It is a gradual procedure in which the body requires to learn and adapt to the right positions.

UPOSTURE- A More Enduring Smart Posture Correction Reminder

As a smart wearable posture correction gadget, UPOSTURE can advise the customer to maintain the right posture when required and keep the body from discomfort positions. A good posture can additionally make anybody much more self-confident.

Just use it around the neck and click, UPOSTURE is on working for you. It will certainly remind you with gentle resonance whenever you are in the incorrect posture.

It is sleek, light-weight, and also easy to use without connecting to a smart device. To achieve much better performance, UPOSTURE is advised to be made use inside your shirt and remain near your chest.

UPOSTURE uses electrical elements produced by TI and Bosch to improve product top quality and performance. A variety of vibration patterns are delivered using a top-quality linear motor with rapid action, minimal sound, as well as reduced power intake.

Many individuals have developed a bad habit of stooping forward unconsciously when concentrating on doing something. They not only intend to remind you to correct your posture, however, much more notably, help you develop a good routine of preserving good poses by default with time.

UPOSTURE- A More Enduring Smart Posture Correction Reminder

The user can personalize their own “proper posture” based upon their requirements, finding a great equilibrium between “outright upright posture” as well as their very own convenience level. When the standard or “proper” posture is set up, it is saved in the product’s memory and also will certainly not be gone when the gadget is turned on/off each time. If you wish to reconfigure the basic posture, simply straighten your back and press the switch once to launch your conventional posture again.

If you have been sitting for more than an hour straight, UPOSTURE will vibrate to advise you of relaxing. It vibrates delicately so you do not need to fret about it being too much of a distraction to yourself or people around you.

When you wish to escape from your phone to do a fast exercise, prepare a meal, or do a short span of a very focused job, this 25-minute set timer function can be very valuable. It automatically stops timing when you relocate and turn it at an angle above 30 °.

Say goodbye to stressing over the start and end time, 25-minute set timer can help you a scientific change of work time and also remainder time, which can improve job effectiveness within a short amount of time.

UPOSTURE- A More Enduring Smart Posture Correction Reminder

The smart algorithm responds to the individual’s posture modification habits and instantly readjusts the resistance time allowed before setting off the next reminder. If the person hunches over a lot more often, the resistance between each reminder will end up being much shorter and the individual gets reminders extra often.

There are two built-in programs readily available to choose to suit different needs:

1) Strict Mode with 3 seconds of resistance, where the device vibrates 3 secs after it discovers the hunched posture.

2) Loose Mode with 15 seconds of tolerance, where the device shakes 15 secs after it detects the hunched posture. Double-press the switch to change between programs.

As a “standalone” device, UPOSTURE can be used at any time as well as anywhere despite you work, play, walk or study.

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