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Urbatch | Craft sustainable products at home

Urbatch Craft sustainable products at home

Learn to transform local ingredients into quality creations

Introducing Urbatch – the first platform specialized in quality home crafting. They integrate professionals and amateurs to interact and share knowledge. They say that when you craft your own products, you know exactly what you are consuming, and you contribute to a more sustainable world.

Urbatch Craft sustainable products at home

The main reasons why they are doing this:

  • To have fun while learning something new, as well as better understand what you consume.
  • To produce locally and support the economy of your community.
  • To reduce the impact of mass production and have a more sustainable life.

The possibilities to learn how to craft are endless, but this is a list of some products you will learn to craft with their courses, keep in mind that the list will continue to grow over time;

Soap, Deodorant, Shampoos, Cleaners, Frangrances, Moisturizers, Micellar Water, Hyaluronic acid, Fresh masks, Toothpaste, Scrubs, Hand Sanitizer, Air Fresheners, Teas, Infusions, Ferments, Macerations, Tinctures, Beer, Spirits, Fruit Wines, Flavorings, Instant Food, Sauces, Ice creams, Syrups, and more.

Urbatch Craft sustainable products at home

Professionals from various fields teach us to craft through short and simple videos, they also provide personalized recommendations and feedback.

Meet the Spirit Hunters. This is their second crowdfunding project. They are part of the Spirit Hunter LLC team, creators of the Easy Distiller, and various products such as spirits and essential oils crafted in Ecuador.

After the success of their previous project, they understood that many want to make their products at home but the lack of knowledge limits them to venture into this world, that is why they got down to it.

Urbatch Craft sustainable products at home

The world needs self-sufficient communities that base their consumption and production on the raw material obtained locally, that is why they want to promote the production of better local products.

They are hoping you will join in this sustainable adventure!

Professionals and their courses are the most important thing for them, that is why this team is specifically dedicated to the search for talented teachers and the clear and precise production of their courses. Currently, they already have the production design of their courses in advance and they have in their sights several experts with whom they would love to work, they look forward to the success of their crowdfunding campaign to be able to work with them.

Urbatch Craft sustainable products at home

Regrading the managing a platform that contains information, it is extremely important to be clear that the content will be understood, the development and testing of the platform is the key to the success of their platform, that is why they have planned hundreds of hours of work to this stage. They currently have 100% of the blueprints on their website completed.

As they know that the first year of a project is always crucial, quality costs, and many bills to pay, their goal will allow them to invest in the best professionals for the materialization of this project. They like Indiegogo because it is all or nothing, if they succeed in founding their project they want to do it with the quality they are looking for.

Urbatch Craft sustainable products at home

They plan to add features as the project progresses, at launch, they want to have the course platform ready, later they will increase other features such as teacher stores, forums to clear doubts, and spaces to show the students’ creations.

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