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V20 | Feels fresh like new shoes every day

While other shoes STINK, V20 nanotech waterproof shoes keep you odor protected all year long!

With the capabilities of rain boots and the comfort of summer sandals, Vtex are the best all-season shoes. You’ll never want to take them off! Use them on rainy days or take them to the snow. Vtex V20 with 20 advanced features & triple odor protection will keep your feet comfortable, fresh and protected no matter where you go, any time of the year!

We are proud to announce the imminent launch of our new campaign for the Vtex V20;

Our new generation waterproof nanotech shoes with triple odor-protection, temperature control, and 20 features.

A year ago we launched a campaign on Indiegogo for Vtex four seasons, our first-generation waterproof nanotech shoes with 15 features. We raised more than $1.2 million and built a deeply meaningful relationship with our 6000+ backers. Through our exchange with our backers, we got inspired to create a second-generation shoe that would be even better and even stronger.

This is how we came to create Vtex V20. We used our patented nanotech membrane that is so well-loved as the upper layer. It protects against water, wind, stains, heats up to 200°c, and cold up to -20°c. The inner layer is lined with silver fiber which is naturally sterile and prevents any bacterial growth keeping bad odors away. We made the insoles with bamboo; a material that is naturally moisture-wicking, preventing any dampness or excess sweat. We also added cooling insole covers to ensure maximal hygiene and freshness even without wearing socks. As per usual, we carefully picked eco-friendly and vegan material.

This new V20 campaign is one to keep an eye open for. Based on the success of the first campaign, we are prepared to take Indiegogo by storm once again…


Vtex’s advanced nanotech efficiently blocks outside elements from infiltrating your shoes while still being ultra-breathable. The breathability allows air and humidity to get out of your shoes to prevent dampness and heat and provide maximal comfort.


Vtex shoes are made of moisture-wicking materials ensuring that humidity will always find its way away from your feet. Say goodbye to damp, humid shoes that make you feel uncomfortable, and enjoy feeling dry and fresh with Vtex.

V-TEX is a waterproof shoe brand with factories in Taiwan and design teams and sale offices in Korea, Japan, Germany, and the UK. V-TEX uses raw material to create functional membranes which become your waterproof shoes, totally on our own. We have been producing waterproof raw materials and functional films for decades and have been producing the V-TEX Low Top waterproof shoes with our patented technology while selling them in Taiwan, Japan, and Korea for years.  

With our international shoe design teams collaborating from Japan, Korea, Germany, and the UK – we’re working with today’s best talent to bring you tomorrow’s best shoe. 

These combined efforts of multiple design signals, high-grade materials, and a passion for quality is what we are standing by.

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