Vesta | Thermoregulating Silk-filled Duvet for All Seasons

A duvet that taps the power of silk to deliver temperature-regulated sleep all night long

No more high thread count cotton. Down with the down duvet. Goodbye, linens. For a perfectly, temperature-controlled sleep, it’s all about silk.

Too hot or too cold, temperature regulation is the number one barrier to good sleep. The solution is in the duvet. Vesta duvet is filled with the highest quality silk to deliver comfortable, temperature-controlled sleep no matter the season.   

Most duvets are filled with low quality materials that do little to account for the natural hot-cold cycles of sleep. Our duvet taps into silk’s best qualities by using the material as a high performance filling, rather than an aesthetic liner. 

Due to silk’s special porous structure, where 38% of the volume is hollow, silk efficiently distributes heat to keep you at a comfortable temperature.  

Silk naturally keeps you dry, absorbing sweat 1.5x better than cotton. This faster and more efficient moisture-wick makes for a dry and comfortable sleeping environment all night long.

Our silk-filled duvet keeps the temperature inside the duvet constant at about 75°F. This is the versatile duvet that you can use all year, no matter the temperature or climate.

Smooth as silk. Silk is a natural fiber that moves with you, it has the lowest rate of friction against human skin as compared to other fibers, at just 7.4%. Its fibers are simultaneously body contouring and quiet.

Temperature regulation has a big impact on sleep quality and quantity. Our research found that when you move throughout the night, your movement causes rapid changes in heat and temperature. 

However, not all materials absorb heat equally. The silk-filled duvets performed differently than their down or synthetic counterparts, with silk-filled duvets showing less variance in temperature change.

Much like silk, bamboo is a natural, breathable fabric. A perfect pairing with our silk-filled duvet, bamboo balances softness and comfort with temperature control for a good night’s sleep.

400 thread-count, premium weave for maximum softness, 3x the breathability of cotton and 2.5x thermal conductivity of cotton. 

Artisanal design, from the double stitching to the natural coconut shell buttons and the convenient duvet ties. 

The duvet arrives in packaging inspired by its origins, nature’s most-industrious cocoon. We’ve created a woven basket that resembles the shape of the silk-winding cocoon. It comes with an interior fabric sackcloth and can be a reusable, beautiful laundry or storage basket.

Unlike cotton or synthetic materials, silk won’t absorb your lotions or natural face oils. With its smooth surface, silk is known to prevent wrinkles or fine lines that come from abrasive fabrics.    

FAQ about Rewards Selection

  • What size is King/Queen/Full exactly?
  • Full measures 173 cm*228 cm (68″ x 90″)
  • Queen measures 228 cm*228 cm (90″ x 90″)
  • King/Cal King measures 264 cm*228 cm (108″ x 94″)
  • The size of the duvet is determined by the size of the mattress: the trick is to get a duvet that’s a bit wider than your mattress. You should leave a margin of about 8 inches on each side of the mattress. 
  • How do I choose the size of duvet I want?
  • Following Kickstarter’s conventions, we’ll send out surveys after the campaign to collect color and size options as well as your address.
  • Would it be possible to buy more than one duvet?
  • You can choose to pledge one duvet first and simply adjust your pledge amount to two or more duvets! We’ll send out surveys after the campaign to collect size, color options as well as your address. Let us know if you have difficulties dealing with this.
  • How will I know if my duvet is shipped out?
  • You’ll receive a tracking number as soon as we ship out the products. To give a peace of mind, our team is highly experienced in international logistics: check out the “risks and challenges” section to review our team’s previous projects, in which we delivered quality products on-time.

At Vesta, we partner with family businesses that have been growing and refining silk for decades. We’re committed to creating the highest quality, durable products that you will love for their softness and comfort. 

High Density 

Our handmade duvets use a 10-layer silk mesh, while the industrial standard is only two to three layers. This high layer mesh prevents the silk from fraying and reduces friction within the duvet.


Lower oil content in silks means lower impurities. We only extract the middle layer of silkworm cocoon, where it has 50% less oil content compared to the external-facing layers. When the natural oil content is high, the silk is more likely to absorb dust which aggravates allergies. Also, no additives or chemicals are included in our silks.

Ecological Balance

We maintain ecological balance with our process by extracting the silk through a ‘non-violent silk’ classification, unlike other silk producers, where cocoons are boiled only after the larvae are extracted.

Duvet Comparison 

 FAQ about Our Material

  • How do I clean the Silk-filled Duvet?
  • A properly covered silk-filled duvet (for example, pairing with our Bamboo Duvet Cover) should not require cleaning under normal conditions of use. Silk is a natural fibre, and washing with anything other than water will cause it to lose some of its natural properties. If the duvet does require a wash, in the instance of a spill or a stain, we advise handwashing with water.
  • How do I clean the Bamboo Duvet Cover?
  • Our bamboo duvet cover is very easy to care for. All you need to do is put it into the washing machine and wash it in cold water. Tumble drying on low or air dry it.

Good sleep is priceless. Our founders, Gee and Andy, struggled with restless sleep.  No matter if it was the finest linens at a luxury hotel or the most comfortable bed at home. We were surprised at the lack of ingenuity when it came to bedding. Why were we all stuck in the same bedding if that bedding wasn’t working?

After studying the elements of good sleep, we found that it’s all about the duvet. The most important indicator of good sleep is the duvet or comforter because this element of bedding is what determines our temperature – and comfortable temperature is everything.

Through their research and investigations, Gee and Andy uncovered the untapped power of silk and its thousand-year proven heritage. We built partnerships with trusted, expert silk farmers and weavers in Southern China and spent years experimenting and refining our materials. 

By avoiding the high costs of retail and going direct to consumers, we significantly cut back on costs. Not only does this deliver the consumer with a better cost, but it also allows us to give back to smaller scale crafts men and women who made this product possible.

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