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WYN PEN 1.0 | The Most Minimalist Pen

WYN PEN 1.0 || The Most Minimalist Pen

Beautifully machined from a single block of aluminum, WYN Pen enhances your writing experience and will last a lifetime.

WYN Pen ™ is the world’s most minimalistic pen. Its distinct split-body allows you to see the internal bronze refill. Magnificently machined from a single block of lightweight aluminum, WYN Pen boosts your writing experience and will certainly last a lifetime.


WYN Pen has no spring, screw or button. It has one strong metal body and an ink refill. It is elegantly simple and practical.

WYN PEN 1.0 || The Most Minimalist Pen


A 48-Step machining procedure is needed to make this minimal pen.


Every detail is specifically designed to enhance your writing experience. The port contour fits easily under your fingers to give a much better hold. The cutout raises air flow to decrease sweat.


WYN Pen utilizes Fisher Space ballpoint refill. Its sealed and pressurized body allows you to write upside-down, under the water, and even in severe temperatures. It is made in the US and also popular among the EDC area for its integrity and ultra smooth writing.

WYN PEN 1.0 || The Most Minimalist Pen


WYN Pen has the best dimensions and weight for a pen. The pen body is somewhat curved to give securing pressure on the ink cartridge. If you press heavily when writing, the cartridge may slide back in a little. This is a great suggestion for you to lighten the pressure.


A recess is machined from the pen body. Merely hold the pen in the palm of your hand and push your finger right into the recess to launch the interior refill, after that allow gravity to help you.


WYN Pen is an inspiration. Holding this utmost simplified pen advises you that anything can be decreased to its core essences without losing its crucial functions. It will inspire you to take a look at your issues from different angles as well as to find a simpler solution.

Albert Einstein stated it ideal: “Everything must be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”


An estimated 1.6 billion plastic pens are discarded yearly in the United States alone. That is a great deal of plastic that goes to our landfills and also torments our ecosystem.

WYN Pen has no plastic or any other mechanical part, and its solid metal body building and construction will last a lifetime. Let’s do our part to maintain this earth environment-friendly!



WYN PEN 1.0 || The Most Minimalist Pen


ROUND – timeless shape in minimalist kind is pure stylish.

HEXAGON – a blend of traditional timber pencil shape gives it absolutely distinct handling.

WYN PEN 1.0 || The Most Minimalist Pen


  • Size: 125 mm|4.9 in
  • Size: 10.0 mm|0.39 in
  • Weight: 15 gr|0.53 oz. (20 gr|0.7 oz. with Refill).
  • Product: 6061 T6 Aluminum.
  • Complete: Anodize.
  • Refill: Fisher Space PR Series.


Each WYN PEN comes with a Fisher Space Black Medium refill. You will have the ability to pick:

FORM: Round or Hexagonal.

PEN COLOR: Silver; Black; Pewter Blue; Light Gold and Pink.

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