X Planet | The Most Novel Car Freshener You Need

X Planet: The Most Novel Car Freshener You Need

Make Your Car Smell Fresh and You Feel Like in the Universe

X Planet: The Most Novel Car Freshener You Need

Make your drive a journey to space!

The design of X Planet is inspired by the celestial sphere. It transcends a simple car air freshener because it carries a connotation, is a carrier to convey the spirit of exploration. As our eyes have long been fixed on the roads and our bodies confined in the driving seats, we forget to look up in the sky at the times, which constantly drives our thoughts, dreams, and imaginations.

Transform any car into an etheral hideaway

Unique and splendid planet shaped design

12th April 1961 was the date of the first human space flight. It is inscribed on every Xplanet’s aluminum disc to commemorate this monumental event that opened the way for space exploration that benefits all humanity.

X Planet, a galaxy inspired car air freshener which allows you to casually bring the vastness of the universe in your car.

They believe that space exploration is the empirical evidence that proves unified humanity can overcome any problem and achieve anything.

Chemical-free aroma of cologne blends

X Planet contains natural essential oils for a better fragrance experience. It is friendly to those who are sensitive to strong fragrances. Thanks to its rich fragrance and hints of blossoms, you will feel like your wandering in space even if you’re stuck in traffic.

X Planet: The Most Novel Car Freshener You Need

Fragrance Info

Earth tropical storm

This fragrance includes Lilly of the valley, gardenia, orchids, carnation, patchouli.

Mars sea salt

This fragrance includes bergamot orange, tangerine, lavender, orange blossom, ambergris, amber, and cedar.

Jupiter wood sage

This fragrance includes bergamot orange, lavender, cinnamon, mimosa, leather red peony, guaiac wood, and oakmoss.

Eliminate odors instead of covering up – Not only can the X Planet mask and remove the unpleasant odor but also is eliminate the VOCs.

Stable, long-lasting and non-toxic – Chemical resistant PE foam acts as a stable container to encapsulate the fragrance compound without any chemical reaction which allows the odor to volatilize gradually hence prolongs its lifetime to the greatest degree.

It also reduces waste since it can be recycled and reapplied in a wide range of industries, and it produces no harmful pollutants when burning.

Easy to install and replace – X Planet has a clip on the back that allows it to mount to your vehicle’s air vents where the airflow helps to propel the scent throughout the cabin.

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