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XION CyberX | 50MPH, 100-Mile Range Custom eBike

XION CyberX 50MPH 100-Mile Range Custom eBike
XION CyberX - 50MPH, 100-Mile Range Custom eBike

The most fun you’ve ever had on a bike. Fat tires, full suspension, mid-drive, 2-person seat.

XION CyberX - 50MPH, 100-Mile Range Custom eBike

CyberX is one of the most badass looking eBike with tricked-out LED lights & personalized, laser-printed side panels.

It is extremely durable for on and off-road capacities, 50MPH max rate, a 100-mile variety, and a 2-person seat offer everything you ever wanted in an eBike and more!

Hit the Mtb trails, ride with your biking friends, commute every day or impress your date – this bike can handle everything!

XION CyberX - 50MPH, 100-Mile Range Custom eBike

Be ready for all the attention you will attract any place you go on CyberX.

You will stand out and turn heads as you fly by at 50MPH on this eBike. There is no eBike on the market that lets you tailor its frame shade, seat color, and laser-printed panel design for a completely unique look.

They selected top-of-line materials (like a steel frame, fat tires, complete suspension, and mid-drive motor) so this bike offers you comfy day-to-day commutes and does serious damage on a sandpit or trail. And also, the outrageous 100-mile range zippy acceleration of 0-30 in 4 seconds put a smile on your face every ride.

XION CyberX - 50MPH, 100-Mile Range Custom eBike

CyberX by Xion doesn’t assimilate or resemble a regular eBike – the world has enough of those.

There are thousands of eBikes on the market and picking the best one for you is tougher than ever before, so they’ll make this simple.

They developed CyberX with 3 things in mind: quality, performance, and design.

It’s made from long-lasting materials for maximum use and no maintenance. It has the most efficient brakes and motor, plus high-visibility lighting. And it was born to stand out with next-gen-inspired looks, plus personal touches from you.

XION CyberX - 50MPH, 100-Mile Range Custom eBike

They can put any pattern or write any name on CyberX’s laser-printed acrylic side panels.

Choose from their edgy pre-selected pattern alternatives or personalize the LED side panels to your distinct design by utilizing their Customizer Design template.

You can also personalize 3 colors on your bike: the frame, seat, and panel.

Mirror acrylic panels with LED lights will certainly be a highlighted add-on during check-out.

CyberX’s extraordinary range is because of the powerful 72V battery and highly efficient 750-watt Mid-Drive Motor.

XION CyberX - 50MPH, 100-Mile Range Custom eBike

When riding solo, go up to 75 miles at 20mph without pedaling, or cover 100 miles with pedal aid. If you’re maxing out the throttle, anticipate up to 50 miles.

Get on, turn the throttle and you can’t help but smile. This bike is so fun to ride.

Accelerate from 0-30mph in 4 seconds!

As opposed to using the conventional chain drive that thumps, requires grease, or breaks entirely, they upgraded the electric motor to belt-drive for integrity, the smoothest rides, and zero maintenance.

No clutch, no transmission = no maintenance. Simply wipe down after a dusty ride.

XION CyberX - 50MPH, 100-Mile Range Custom eBike

eBikes on the market have a couple of types of motors: hub-drive or mid-drive.

Cyber X makes use of an extreme, 750W mid-drive electric motor for its enhanced performance, low maintenance, and much better handling because of the reduced, central setting on the bike. You’ll take pleasure in heart-accelerating power on a dust track, trustworthy speed & traction going uphill, and maintenance-free riding.

A lot of eBikes don’t have the seat room or the power for 2 people to ride conveniently, yet CyberX has both.

The extra-long, vinyl seat ensures your friend or companion can take pleasure in the ride too!

XION CyberX - 50MPH, 100-Mile Range Custom eBike

CyberX utilizes a hefty 72-volt 32ah lithium-ion battery that charges in 6 hours with the included 5-amp battery charger. * 10amp charger with 3-hour charge time offered for the upgrade.

The detachable battery is located under the seat of the bike with a side port for charging. Connect the charger into a 110-120v wall outlet (regular AC outlet) and it’ll power your bike for 50-100 miles depending on which mode you make use of!

CyberX by Xion makes easy work of even the roughest terrains. It has sufficient power to allow you to rip up the sandpit with your biking friends, hit the trails with hill bicycle riders, or cruise throughout the city.

XION CyberX - 50MPH, 100-Mile Range Custom eBike

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been riding dirt bikes, eBikes, and motorcycles all your life, or if this is your first time on an electric bike, Cyber X will blow your hair back and give you the ride of a lifetime!

Ride hard and brake with ease. You can rely on CyberX’s front and rear hydraulic brake system to offer you a smooth stop with just a finger.

Take pleasure in the smoothest ride with front and back suspension, plus convenience and assistance on off-road adventures.

At 165lbs (75kg) with a 500lbs carrying capacity, there’s no need to “take it easy” on CyberX.

eBike frameworks are usually made of one of 3 products: alloy, carbon, or steel. Alloy, as well as carbon, are the lightest products and they tend to be used on eBikes mimicking bikes and aiming for maximum mobility.

XION CyberX - 50MPH, 100-Mile Range Custom eBike

CyberX’s frame is made of steel and 4130 Chromoly steel due to the fact that it’s the outright toughest material and will certainly endure the hardest rides. It also has powder coating (the most durable choice) that resists weather and corrosion.

The tire size is based upon which dimension CyberX eBike you choose.

You’ll take pleasure in maximum visibility with front and back LED lights and a futuristic look like no other bike with color-changing LED lights on the custom-made side panels.

Mirror acrylic panels with LED lights will certainly be a featured add-on during check-out.

XION CyberX - 50MPH, 100-Mile Range Custom eBike

Putting on headphones while riding is not safe – plus, no person can sing along. CyberX makes your driving experience a blast with a waterproof Bluetooth speaker for easy listening as well as maximum recognition of your surroundings.

Snap your phone in and charge it on the go.

CyberX has no clutch, no equipment as well as no maintenance – but you can still have a blast tearing through the dirt. It’s the excellent low-maintenance option to a motorcycle or an excellent intro to broadband for unskilled bikers.

Mountain bike routes are reserved for bikes only, but they’re some of the most electrifying paths to ride with some added power. CyberX’s electrical bike category suggests it’s permitted on mountain bike trails so you get the most effective of both worlds!

XION CyberX - 50MPH, 100-Mile Range Custom eBike

No license? No worry! CyberX needs no certificate because, in Street Mode, it’s restricted to 28mph.

However, your CyberX features certification of origin, consisting of VIN, product, model, and a year if you need to register it as a moped in your state.

You can rely on CyberX to get you where you need to go whether it’s work, school, or a late-night celebration! The bike’s comfortable 2-person seat, a 100-mile range, and unique lighting make it a pleasure to ride whenever.

Rideshare services are expensive as well as add to the carbon emissions harming our environment, and you have to come in contact with a complete stranger.

With CyberX forget waiting and paying for the ride, you simply twist the throttle and go!

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