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YAWBOARD | The Future Of Urban Mobility

YAWBOARD - The Future Of Urban Mobility

Explore further with more power on the safest and most stable electric ride.

At YAWBOARD, we’re committed to keep our backers happy. We promise to offer 100% transparency on the manufacturing process and guarantee delivery of the product to your door.

Over 5 years and 7 prototypes, the Yawboard Team have developed a highly engineered hybrid of a scooter and skateboard, perfecting every component for low weight and high strength.

The result is a distinctive vehicle that combines the practicality and safety of a scooter, with the ride style and fun of a skateboard. 

Meet the all-round electric vehicle that will revolutionize the way you travel.

“With a peak power output of 3000W, the YAWBOARD AT is in the class of scooters costing three times the price” – Josh Levitt  – Multiple scooter owner and commuter

The unique lean-to-steer style means you can ride the streets like you shred the mountains

With a combination of 4 wheels, 2 motors, a flexible deck, and a handle, the YAWBOARD All-Terrain offers incredible stability at high speeds on any terrain.

We’ve given you 3-speed modes with increasing speed and torque, to allow beginners to cruise, and more experienced riders to carve at up to 22mph / 35kph.

Safety is key, so we’ve included two regenerative brakes, a stable deck and a heat-treated  ergonomic handle to keep you safer than being on a skateboard.

Our unique riding position lets you look behind to always be aware of hazards you could miss on electric scooters.

You’ll be in full control of the board using the handle so you can react quickly to avoid any dangers.

The quick release handle folds flatter than most existing scooters to make storing your YAWBOARD a breeze.

When you can’t ride, the fold-flat handle and lightweight construction let you carry and transport easily making it the perfect companion for every journey.

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